Reasons 1- 3... 

See BGA image below 

Reasons 4 - 10...

4.It’s delicious!

5. It is the ultimate free range food, living in the wild as nature intended, with a natural diet … meaning you can have one too.

6. It is completely sustainable.

7. It’s a healthy source of Omega 3 (good fat).

8. It has low carbon miles & negligible carbon footprint.

9. It is hormone and antibiotic-free.

10. In eating game you are doing your bit for conservation without having to anything further! The game industry ensures that the UK wild game populations are preserved, undertaking an enormous amount of conservation work (costing in excess of £250million per year over 2 million hectares) which also benefits the wider ecology and natural landscape, including the preservation & improvement of Ancient woodland, and moorland (which in itself is rarer than rainforest)

nutritional benefits of game