Glorious Game is pleased to support two very deserving causes, donating  5% of annual profits to : - 




Founded by Bryn Parry OBE, creator of the Glorious Game logo.



A well known and well deserving cause.




Probably lesser known, but equally as deserving, established by rugby legend Doddie Weir to raise funds for research into the possible causes of Motor Neurone Disease & investigate potential cures. MND is incredibly cruel, and yet still so little is known about it. Professor Stephen Hawking was pretty unique in his longevity despite suffering. Sophie is particularly keen to support an MND charity for a couple of reasons; George, a wonderful neighbour & keeper suffered during her childhood, and more recently a fabulous friend called Jo sadly succumbed  horribly quickly. 

May 2019 Update

Many of you will have enjoyed the brilliant Great British Menu (Series 14) and been as moved as we were by Tom Anglesea's tribute to his friend Graham. Heartbreakingly Graham, who also hailed from Angus,  passed away less than a month after being diagnosed with Cancer Unknown Primary. You can donate to help raise awareness in Graham's memory here  - please do! : -

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