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Not these ones! All Glorious Game's meals are naturally preserved by freezing so there is no need for any additives or preservatives (other than those found within common store cupboard ingredients such as soy & Worcestershire sauce).  Sophie is passionate about using quality British & local produce wherever possible (and welcome suggestions for potential suppliers). Sugar is not added (other than a small amount of  palm sugar in a couple of curries) and salt is kept to a minimum so that you can can season to your own taste. Game is lean by it's very nature and Sophie works closely with The Yorkshire Dietician ( to ensure the dishes are as healthy as they can be. The "traffic light" nutritional labels speak for themselves.

Do you have any Gluten Free Options?

Yes! The majority of dishes are gluten free as standard; everything else can be made so. Gluten free options can be selected alongside portion size. Should you have any particular queries or requests please contact Sophie on or 07748 310 768.

How can ready meals be healthy - aren't they highly processed and full of salt & sugar as well as additives & preservatives?

What about other allergies?

As an artisanal rather than industrial business all Glorious Game dishes are home-made and ingredients can easily be substituted to cater for most dietary requirements (veganism excepted!). Please do specify any allergies when ordering  - there may be a small risk of cross-contamination in the factory where some spices are packed, but this can be negated by using alternative suppliers.

Don't I need to defrost before cooking?

Glorious Game aims to make your life that little bit easier so with the exception of the pulled pheasant all dishes can be cooked from frozen, in either the oven or the microwave. Simple keep frozen at lower than -18˚C (standard domestic freezer temperature) until you are preparing to eat, then follow the instructions on the packet. 

Do you use any preservatives?

Freezing preserves all the meals naturally so that no nasties are required. Glorious Game is a home based business using only the ingredients which anyone else likely has in their own kitchen. Some of those ingredients such as desiccated coconut or soy sauce may contain preservatives of their own.

How long do your meals last?

Frozen dishes have a "Best Before" date of 6 months from the day they are cooked & frozen. However it is important to remember that "Best Before" dates are about quality rather than safety. The freezer effectively acts as a pause button meaning the meals will not deteriorate and will stay safe indefinitely. Glorious Game is proud to support Too Good To Go’s “Look, Smell, Taste, Don’t Waste” campaign which encourages everyone to use their senses (including common sense!) to establish whether something really needs to be binned just because it has passed (or even worse, is approaching!) it’s Best Before Date. Wasting food isn’t just wasting food… it’s wasting your  money, and ruining the planet.  Glorious Game dishes are frozen, so to throw anything out based on a best before date is utterly pointless. So if you tend to over-err on the side of caution and waste food needlessly, hopefully the "Look, Smell, Taste, Don't Waste" labels on all our packaging will help. You can find out more about the campaign here : -  Look, Smell, Taste, Don't Waste | Too Good To Go

Can I recycle your packaging?

Yes you can.  The trays are fully recyclable with more than 95% sustainable paper based renewable raw materials. 

The wool packaging which wraps your meals to keep them frozen in transit is biodegradable and recyclable as well as reusable. Use it for crafting, stuffing cushions, lining a pet's bed, insulation, or pop it on the compost. Whatever you do please don't put it in the bin so it ends up in landfill...whilst it will biodegrade there are far better uses for it!

You can reuse the gel ice packs too. Pop them in a cool bag to help keep your picnic or shopping cool, or in a sink of water to keep drinks cool. Or let Sophie know if you would like to return them for a discount on your next order.

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