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Nutritiously Delicious Dishes

Ready meals are sometimes perceived as being  highly processed and unhealthy. Not in this case! Glorious Game meals are naturally preserved by freezing, which locks in nutrients whilst extending shelf-life. A great way to help minimise food waste! The only additives or preservatives are from common storecupboard ingredients such as soy sauce & Worcestershire sauce.

Eating game means you can eat well without having to worry about faddy diets. Nobody wants to  focus on depriving themselves every day!


Game is naturally lean, due to its healthy outdoor lifestyle. Pheasant is lower in fat & cholesterol and higher in protein than chicken, which is many people's default healthy option (please see the British Game Alliance image for further nutritional information).


The Glorious Game "traffic light" nutritional labels speak for themselves, and the menu is divided into "low fat" and "fewer than 300 calorie" options.


But as everyone deserves a treat sometimes, and everything is ok in moderation as part of a balanced diet, there are also a few slightly more indulgent options such as the Thai Green Curry, Rendang & Satay. 

Provenance is hugely important and I am passionate about using Great British ingredients wherever possible. The UK has so much fabulous produce to offer, from really local Yorkshire Heart Wine and Black Sheep Ale to the fabulous British made Carnevale mozzarella and Quickes smoked / extra mature cheddars (which in my opinion are just as tasty as authentic Italian parmesan).

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