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About Glorious Game 


The Story so Far 
Inspired by her upbringing in the Angus Glens, and her Grandmother, who was a wonderful cook, founder Sophie has always been obsessed with food but is only too aware that not everyone shares her passion for game, which is often over-looked, or disliked for no good reason.

Sick of friends & family claiming not to like pheasant, Sophie started to serve it disguised as various different dishes from lasagne to "crispy duck" to rendang (and everything in between!), and it soon became clear that people loved it when they didn't know that's what they were actually eating!

Contrary to what many believe, game doesn't have to be "gamey". Some is more so than others; it's simply all in the preparation. The phrase "tastes just like chicken" is also often quoted, and yet game has so much more to offer. 

Having had their ears bent about the many benefits of game (sustainability, free range lifestyle,  low levels of fat & cholesterol to name but a few) friends suggested Sophie promote it further.  Appreciating that a wider audience would likely be equally reluctant to try something unfamiliar (and potentially scary, if presented in feather from a butcher!) she created a range of recognisable dishes from this versatile ingredient to suit differing tastes.

From field to fork ...Sophie collects the birds from local shoots, butchers and cooks them. A firm believer that if you want to encourage people to try something different it must not only taste good, but make their life easier, the "ready meals" can be cooked from frozen in the oven or microwave. The original range of quintessentially British dishes has been expanded, by popular demand, to include a selection of curries and light bites inspired by farther-flung cuisines.

Armed with a bain-marie from which to offer hot samples, and the occasional pie or scotch egg to entice the punters closer, Sophie started her mission to encourage more people to try game at local farmers markets. 

And it went on from there...

Suffice to say Sophie never expected to be a page  3 girl (in the loosest possible sense of the term) nor appear in The Telegraph but life is full of sur
prises ...

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