Lemon Pheasant

Velveting chicken is a technique used in Chinese cooking to keep the meat succulent when stir-frying. If you've got this far through the website you probably have an interest in pheasant meat and be aware how it can be dry too!  Here's an easy solution ...

Ingredients : - 

250g pheasant, diced or cut into strips
2 tbsp Shaoxing (chinese rice wine) or sherry
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp cornflour 
zest & juice of a lemon
an egg white
1tsp of sesame oil (optional)
250ml pheasant stock
sesame seeds (optional)

What to do : 
Mix the shaoxing, soy sauce, cornflour, lemon zest, egg white & sesame oil (if using) until combined into a marinade.

Stir through the pheasant pieces and leave to marinate at room temperature for 10 minutes minimum. If it's going to be much longer than 1/2 hour before you actually cook then pop back in the fridge.

Fry off till cooked through. Meanwhile add the leftover marinade to the stock & sesame oil (if using), bring to the boil and reduce to your desired consistency. Add lemon  juice & season to taste. 

Enjoy some deliciously succulent pheasant with rice, noodles or in a stir fry.