Pheasant & Black Sheep Ale Casserole
  • Pheasant & Black Sheep Ale Casserole


    Rustic but succulent chunks of pheasant in a rich ale sauce. Carrots, onions & herbs help give this dish a delicious depth of flavour. 


    Nowt but added sugar, nor preservatives.

    Portion Size
    • Ingredients

      Pheasant (35%), Black Sheep Ale (Wheat)(20%), Pheasant Stock, Onion, Carrot, Cocoa Powder, Potato Starch, Thyme, Bay Leaf, Salt & Pepper

    • Cooking Instructions



      Pre-heat oven (190°C / 170°C FAN / GAS MARK 5). Remove lid & film. Place on baking sheet & heat for approximately 45 minutes (double portion) or 35 minutes (single portion) until piping hot through – please remember all ovens are not created equal!

      To Microwave piece film and heat on full power for 12 minutes (double portion) or ------Minutes (single portion), stirring half way through.

      Do not reheat.

    • Serve With

      Buttery Mash & Pan Fried Greens... Washed down with the Eponymous Ale!

    • Shot

      Whilst every effort has been made to remove all traces (all our products are hand and home-made) all the game is genuinely wild, so please be aware there is a very small chance that some shot may remain.


      ..... …..that whilst we make every effort to ensure the product information displayed on our website is up to date & correct, we're always striving to improve recipes, and in doing so, tweaking ingredients. There is a small chance that this may affect the allergen & nutritional information displayed online so please do contact us to double check anything before buying. Product labels are accurate but we'd hate you to buy anything without being 100% sure.

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