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Vegan v GG Lasagne - A Nutritional Comparison

So with all the talk of Veganuary, and increasingly common promotion of vegan food as healthier, and better for the planet than meat & dairy, I thought I'd take a look for myself.

Here's a quick comparison between a supermarket own brand vegan lasagne and a Glorious Game Pheas-agna.

The GG version is slightly higher in saturated fat...probably because of the inclusion of the deliciously British Carnevale Fior di Latte, and Quicke's extra mature cheddar. Personally I'd rather have 100% natural cheese products than some substitute concocted from substances I've never heard of!!

It's worth noting that ALL the sugar in the GG version is naturally occurring…the supermarket brand has added dextrose … and no less than EIGHT further additives!! Does that really constitute a healthier option...?

I reckon Dr GIles Yeo of Cambridge University is correct in his assessment of "faux meat", calling it "ultra-processed foods with very good PR".

I’m not sure it’s any more environmentally friendly either…apparently its “packed in Ireland”, but does that mean the soy is of Irish provenance...?!

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